Friday, December 2, 2016

Gør-det-selv-piberenser-nisser - DIY Pipe Cleaner Gnomes

Alle i Danmmark kender piberenser-nisser, men det er ikke tilfældet med udenlandske læsere af bloggen, så jeg tager lige et øjeblik til at vise, hvad det drejer sig om!

Rigtig god weekend!

I was talking about Pipe Cleaner Gnomes a few days ago, and for the ones of you, who don't know, what that is, here it is. Very simple and possible for little fingers to deal with, so the result becomes fun - and it always ends up with everybody participating.

So last Sunday gnomes was made, and also a snow man family. Father Snowman, Mamie Snowman, Big Brother snow man, and Baby-snowman! The total universe of my 3½ year old favorite person :-)

One of these days we are going to make them be able to stand up! And then we are going to place them in a snow landscape!

Have a great weekend!

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